Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My Favorites | Day 1

As I’ve been thinking about different posts to share with you regarding our time in Maui, I decided to mix in a little bit of favorite photos from each day. It was such a wonderful couple of weeks and I could probably write a post-a-day for the rest of the month. I’ve completed several posts that you can view here, here, here and here.

Everyone was taking pictures throughout the week, but I haven’t seen all of them as of yet. My hope is to make a photobook with everyone’s favorites so we can share and remember. So, these are just my photographs. I used my iPhone, small point and shoot, bigger point and shoot and finally my Nikon D7000.

With further adieu, here is Day 1, with a little commentary included.

6:14am | Atlanta airport heading to the T-gates for departure to Denver


Cupcake Girl and her companion, Oswald and of course Dad


First plane ride.

Denver airport. Next stop Maui!




What better way to be greeted than with a fabulous Hawaiian rainbow!


I love everything, yes, every-single-thing about this shot. Green fields, ocean, mountain, clouds and the communities below. Love!


Entry way for our house. Beautiful marble floors and lovely light pouring in. I entered first so I could capture everyone coming in! I love their beautiful smiling faces and excitement!



View coming down the entryway.


Cupcake got her first American Girl Doll. Her name is Kanani and she was the Girl of the Year in 2011. She is Hawaiian and came with a ukulele, lei, clothes, a doggie and much more. Let’s just say, Kanani had a great time in Maui and was the perfect present. Everyone else got “bed-presents” but I forgot to take a picture of those. Hopefully someone else did!


Zak is the man of the hour. He was the first one in the pool…..but not for long!


Last picture of the day. A beautiful sunset to start our wonderful week!

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