Monday, August 20, 2012

Strike A Pose

A couple of months before we traveled to Maui I was thinking about photography. About my photography. I decided to rent a few lens and not to take any of my regular lens. Lens that I was comfortable with. First of all I didn’t want the weight of a zoom and secondly, I really wanted the challenge. A challenge of not taking a zillion pictures and to be more thoughtful of what I was photographing. I rented a wide angle, macro and a fixed lens. They were delivered the day before we left, so I didn’t have much practice time.

One series of photographs I wanted to take was of The Captain’s older daughter, Rebecca. Reb does yoga and I knew the direction of our Maui house would provide the perfect backdrop for some yoga poses at sunset.

We did a few about an hour or so before sunset and then more as the sun was setting. It was difficult to get the focus just right, but it was a great learning tool/time for me. But some of the poses, well, some of them were just beautiful and I had a beautiful subject!







Thanks Reb! They are beautiful, just like you!


Stephanie said...

I think they are beautiful. Silhouettes capture wonderful stories and I think yours turned out great.

Donna said...

Thank you Stephanie for the wonderful comment! I really do love how they turned out.