Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Little Birdies

Over the past few years I’ve developed quite an affection for birds. Any kind. Crows. Redbirds. Seagulls. Woodpeckers. Owls. You get the idea. During our last visit to Maui in 2010 I noticed all the little birds, about the size of parakeets, nesting in the palm trees or flying back and forth along the balconies of the Maui Hyatt. These wonderful little critters were also notorious for singing quite loudly beginning at 5 in the morning. Hey, they know the sun is about to rise and a glorious day is in store for them. I mean, golly, they’ll have snacks all day long. You know why? ’Cause people like me feed them! Yes, I am a feeder of those little Maui birds.

But you see, I had purpose in feeding them. I wanted to take their precious little picture. I did it back in 2010 and again this time. You know what else? They aren’t too picky when it comes to snacking. Cookies, leftover bread, cracker crumbs, chips, especially Maui Style Maui Onion Chips! I think I know a few grown-ups that like those chips too. You know who you are my BBB (Blended Brady Bunch).

Anyway, back to the bird situation. While The Captain napped, I laid out the trap snack.


I gathered my gear and I waited. After a few moments the “lookout” flies by. We all know what he is looking out for. FOOD! He makes a couple more fly-bys, but at different balcony levels. Probably trying to see which balcony has the best offerings. There is an art to their seeking! Within about 5 minutes the first one arrives. This one is commonly known as a House Finch. They were introduced to Hawai’i before 1870 and are also known as Linnet or Papayabird.


Then a few more arrive. The Finches are joined by some local Sparrows or possible Ricebirds.


Some like to sit on the branches and tweet their little hearts out. Probably more cheering on their part.



Soon there were about 12 or more enjoying a late afternoon snack. I couldn’t get them all in one frame.



At one point a huge Hawaiian Crow joined the party, but the little guys didn’t like him hogging everything so they screeched shooed him away. The one particular bird that I was most anxious to photograph was the Red-Crested Cardinal. Such a pretty bird! Both the male and female came to the party.





What an amazing and delightful way to spend an afternoon. Thank you my bird friends!


This is one of my favorite photos. I love how that little guy on the left has his eyes closed.

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