Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Eating Ice Cream

I love ice cream. Ice cream on a cone. Chocolate dipped ice cream from Dairy Queen. Baskin Robbins chocolate peanut butter. Stone Cold Creamery, Ben and Jerry’s, well, you get the point.

She loves ice cream. Especially ice cream on a cone. She is becoming quite the little ice-cream-eating-expert.






























And she certainly knows the proper way to sit in a chair and polish off her ice cream.



















She looks like she’s singing into a microphone! And yes, we both LOVE Chick-fil-A. Just good plain ’ole vanilla ice cream. Cupcake Girl thinks the cows are pretty dang funny and giggles every time she sees the posters/ads from there. I’ve got to get a picture of her with those cows.

And here is my parting shot…..


1 comment:

Amy Arnaz said...

"The parting shot" is a classic. It must be nice to have the PERFECT model to photograph. She gets cuter by the week. xoxo Amy