Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Car Conversation

I have always believed that you can have the most meaningful conversations in the car. Especially with little ones. I could probably write a very long post of all the car conversations I have been privy to over the years.

Recently, one such conversation ranked in the top 10. From the time I arrived and woke her up, until the moment I departed, Cupcake Girl was the little energizer bunny of speech. She was delightful, hilarious, helpful, curious, informative and very imaginative that day.

We took a drive to GrandBob’s work. She wooed his office staff with her official Dora Backpack. She sparkled and shined like never before. She doled out hugs and kisses and even carried on a few conversations with them (to those that know her, this can be rare). She continued to delight us with her chatter throughout lunch. At one point, as she was living in her Cupcake World, when asked what she was doing, she replied, “ ’pinning with my ’poon” (sometimes the “s” doesn’t attach to the word).

On the return trip we proceeded to have this little conversation:

Mady: Nunu? (sometimes the “L” is an “N”)
Me: Yes?
Mady: I yove BobBob. (sometimes the “L” is a “Y”)
Me: Mady?
Mady: Yes, Nunu?
Me: He loves you bunches.











Mady: Nunu?
Me: Yes, Mady?
Mady: Do you know how to get back to my house?
Me: I think so.
Mady: Let me yook in my map. (not on but in)

She then proceeds to pull out the official Dora backpack map.

Mady: Go on the pink road and go past the butterfly garden.
Me: Thank you Mady. I know exactly where that is.
Mady: Where is it?
Me: It’s up the road just a little bit. I’ll let you know when I see it.
Mady: It’s just peetend, right? (nodding her head fast).
Me: Of course it is, and I’ll tell you when we get there.

Since we would pass a cemetery soon and she always comments about the flowers, I knew this would be the perfect pretend butterfly garden.

Me: There it is on the left.
Mady: Is this yeft? (pointing right)
Me: No, the other way.
Mady: I see it! That’s right Nunu. Good job! (yes, she really said that)

A few minutes later she consulted the map yet again.

Mady: Ok. Go to the flower garden.

Bingo! Another cemetery was just up the road.

Me: Alright, this time look to your right.
Mady: I see it!
Me: So what’s next on your map?
Mady: Yet me yook…… go to the tea (or sea or something along that line)
Me: Let me see, that will be way up the road so I’ll tell you when we get there.
Mady: Ok.

I knew we would be driving over some water and I figured that would be the perfect tea or sea.

Me: I see it. There’s the tea/sea!
Mady: Where? This way or that way? (pointing right and left)
Me: Both sides. See it?
Mady: I do, I do!


Mady: Nunu?
Me: Yes Mady?
Mady: I yove Dora.
Me: I know, Mady. Me too. And you know what Mady?
Mady: What?
Me: Dora loves you bunches!












She is my Cupcake Girl and she is my heart!

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