Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Very Happy and Tired GrandBob

He, along with me, got to pick her up from preschool today. He was so excited to meet her teachers and share all of his Booger Baby information. Things like, “So where do you want to go to college? Who is your favorite Beatle? What is your favorite Beatle song?” And of course the best statement of all that his Booger Baby says is, “I’m BobBob’s protégée!”

Her teachers loved meeting her GrandBob. I loved watching him express his love and devotion for her. One of Cupcake’s preschool teachers said to me, “She sure does have lots of folks in her life who love, adore and teach her so much. Thank you.”

I have always loved the statement that it takes a tribe to raise the child. I am blessed to be a part of the community/tribe that is raising Cupcake Girl and I want to tell the rest of the tribe……thank you. We are all blessed to have her in our life. But the biggest thanks goes to her parents for allowing(and trusting us) to take her on lovely adventures, feed her funky foods, surround her with retro/classic music and basically, just be the silly/goofy grandparents that we are in her presence (well, actually at other times too).

I dearly love my husband, my family and my Cupcake Girl!

Cupcake Girl requested to go on a Zoo Adventure for her Wednesday playdate. She was adamant that she “ride the animals” first. So we did. Three times on the merry-go-round before visiting the other animals and twice before we left. She also wanted to see Hank, the resident chimp and she was able to get up close with the jaguars (they came all the way up to the glass).



























In the upper photos, they both made what is referred to as the “BobBob Faces.” The bottom photos are of Hank, one of the resident chimps, who is 41 years young. He is so adorable and it is awesome to see him up close!












Cupcake Girl loves the goats and resident pig. She couldn’t wait to talk to them. Her GrandBob wanted to have his picture taken with the Mouflon Sheep We searched of them on the island of Lanai a few years ago but didn’t find any. Low and behold, there is one at our local zoo!



















































It was a beautiful day. One filled with sunshine, frozen lemonade and a happy Cupcake Girl!














The jaguars were very active and we able to experience them up close and personal. They are so graceful and a magnificent creature!

























Following another couple of turns on the merry-go-round, we took little Cupcake to her house then on to ours so that a very sleepy GrandBob could get his nap in. Between the sunshine, lounging animals and lemon-lime slushie, he just couldn’t stay awake any longer. But before I end, here are two beautiful photos that the sleepy man took before we left the zoo. I don’t give him my camera very often, but when I do, he takes beautiful pictures. Thank you my sweet husband!












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