Monday, September 27, 2010

Out in the Woods

I grew up playing in the woods in central Alabama. We chopped down small pine trees, then make rooms by nailing the skinny limbs to other trees. We didn’t really call them forts, just rooms. My friend, Ethel Ann, who was a year or so older, could build a mean set of rooms. She even had pine straw carpet and beautiful decorations from nature. Sometimes we would venture down a bit deeper in the woods close to the railroad tracks. Other times by a creek/stream that was about 4 feet wide but only 12 inches deep. Just the right size for jumping.

One time we decided to cross where it was a bit wider, so we had to step on exposed logs or rocks. She found a place to cross over and then she began looking for a spot for me to cross. I found one and just as I was about to put my foot on the log, she said STOP! I was about to step on a big, fat water moccasin! Since she yelled at me I actually hopped right over to the other side, just in time to see that snake swim away. I can still remember my heart racing. Ethel Ann took off running and believe me, I wasn’t far behind.

Playing out in the woods, being out in the woods and smelling those pine trees was a wonderful experience growing up and I never tire of the opportunity to experience that again. I especially love sharing that experience with other folks, both big and small.

This past weekend we decided to take Cupcake Girl to the woods (that’s what we called it growing up “going to the woods”). It was slightly overcast and started misting when we arrived. What better weather to go to the woods.

Here are a few snapshots and yes, that is a Jerry Garcia doll in her backpack.

















































































































And now the parting shot, plus a story…..

Me: I need to cut your fingernails.
Her: Ok.
Her: They sure are long. (as I was cutting)
Me: Yes they are.
As I was making my way to her other hand she said with a serious look…
Her: But NuNu……if you cut off all my fingernails then I can’t pick my nose.
Me: Yep, you’re right, but you’ll just have to figure that one out yourself.

Then we laughed and laughed and laughed, and of course called her GrandBob!

Gotta love that girl! Ice cream mouth and all!














P.S. I’ve been trying out a new collage maker and I’m not sure it keeps my pictures as sharp as they really are. But, I will keep experimenting!

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Laurie said...

Great memories of going to the woods..we called it that, too! She will have great stories to tell!