Thursday, September 30, 2010

Little Cabin in the Woods...

Over the past couple of months I have been conspiring, scheming, planning, plotting, and OH MY HEAVENS white-lying to the Captain (a.k.a. my sweet husband). But alas, a SURPRISE awaits the dear one!

If you are reading this today, we will be traveling, already traveling or maybe have arrived at our destination. Our get-a-away. Our love shack (sorry kids), spectacular and scenic cabin in the woods. You see, our 6 year anniversary is Saturday. I pictured him, sitting on a wood deck, musical instrument in hand, gazing at the wonders of nature surrounding him whilst singing to the birds. Me in the hot tub sitting beside him drinking in the beauty that beholds me. Therefore, I conspired to make all this happen.

Made sure he has tomorrow (Friday) off, Cupcake taken care of, doggies have a reservation at the doggie hotel, cabin reserved and finally bags packed. Whew! The biggest task at hand was/is to keep this thing a secret (thanks for keeping the secret Beanie). Lots of folks knew and they kept things quiet. For those that didn't know, now you know!!

There was one small hurdle that crossed my path. A few weeks back I was listening to the radio and I heard an advertisement for our local symphony. The resident conductor is a big Beatles fan. Well, we all know who else is a HUGE Beatles fan.....yep.....the Captain. I hope, prayed, tried to bring about good karma that the Captain would not hear this ad. He didn't. Whew! But, of course, we are on the mailing list. You guessed it. Since Captain gets the mail, he saw the advertisement in the mail. Oh, we just have to go. I know it's our anniversary but we really have to take Mad Dog (that's his pet name for Cupcake). Will you get the tickets, please, please, please?!?!

Oh golly geez. Yes, I will take care of that on Monday. Sure. I will. Yes, I will. Monday rolls around and HE REMEMBERS. Ugh! He sort of caught me off guard. Now enter "white lie" so I said, sure Cupcake can go and yes I got 3 tickets. His office manager called me. She kept hearing him talk about the symphony. He is so excited she said. I know. But he will be so surprised when he comes home from work and I will be standing there grinning from ear to ear.

Surprise my love! Off to the woods we go! To the little cabin in the woods.

The pained, surprised look that I will probably witness.

He is so debonair.

Above photos courtesy of our recent Hawaii trip.

Have a great weekend all of you. We will, you can count on it!! We'll give the bears a great big howdy from all of you!

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