Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fresh Baked Bread and a Shirt for Daddy

Cupcake’s new preschool sends a loaf of fresh baked bread home with every child during the year for the family to share at the dinner table. Last Friday Cupcake was the recipient of this delicious bread (and I believe she was the first one). They handed it to me, all wrapped up and HOT! Wow! As we were driving back to her house, I said, “Doesn’t it smell good in this car?” Cupcake replied that, “It ’mells like biscuits!” Bless her little southern heart!































Went to Target with Cupcake and her mom (my oldest daughter). As we were looking through the clothes, that little Cupcake Girl found a turtleneck/cowl top, took it off the rack and proudly proclaimed, “This would look good on Daddy.” Hmmmm…..Maybe it reminds her of the striped shirts that he wears. She was adamant that it would be just right for her Daddy. So, Cupcake’s Daddy…..this one’s for you!













And finally…..just because she is so dang cute!













This is a new hoodie from Target. It has a kitty-cat on the front and these adorable ears on the hoodie part. I modeled it first, but forgot to take a picture……darn!

Happy Weekend and Go ’Dores!

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Amy Arnaz said...

I'm still jealous. xoxo Amy