Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It’s just an oven!

No, Dorothy, it’s not just an oven (I’m not sure why I said Dorothy, but I did).

So, today we had lovely kitchen progress! The walls have primer, the faucet is installed and working with no leaks. The vent hood that goes above the range has been installed and works. All new electric receptacles have been installed, as well as the under-cabinet lighting, and…….drum roll please…….the wall oven was installed AND WORKS! And let me tell you, it is not just an oven! So, now I am going to brag about it:


-  It is a 30 inch single wall over with Wave Tough Controls (wow!)

-  The oven racks are luxury-glide with a ball-bearing system

-  It has theatre lighting inside (cool, huh?)
-  Convection Conversion Cooking Modes with the following options (get a load of these)

Bake, Broil, Convection Bake, Convection Roast, Convection Broil, Keep Warm and Slow Cook.

Baking Options: Perfect Turkey®, Defrost, Dehydrate, Bread Proof, Multi-Stage Cooking, Convection Convert, Delay Bake, My Favorites, Temperature Probe and Rapid Preheat

plus a My Favorite Setting (and yes, I WILL learn to use all of these)
-  It has extra large glass window

Signature Cobalt Blue Oven Interior
-  Different

Self-Clean Options
and finally, it actually has a Sabbath Mode (I’m not Jewish, but I think this is da-gum cool!)

So, want to see? These are not the greatest pictures (especially the first one), but you’ll get the general idea!




I can’t WAIT to bake and cook and bake and cook! I LOVE MY OVEN! By the way, I will have a second oven that will be gas. It will be attached to the new Bosch Range! Bet you can’t wait to see that one!

Of course I must end this post with more happiness!

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♥ ♥ ♥ said...

I have the same oven and LOVE it! The racks glide in & out like a dream and ya gotta love that gorgeous blue interior! I use the Bread Proof/Sabbath modes all the time!! I'm in Karen's (auditing) class with you! :)

Debbie D :)