Monday, March 22, 2010

On this day in history

It’s always interesting to see what occurred on a particular day in history. So, today, this is some of what happened:
1903  Niagera Falls runs out of water because of a drought (wow!)

1931  William Shatner, of Star Trek and Boston Legal fame, was born (he makes me laugh)

1934  1st Masters golf championship began in Augusta, Georgia (golf is sort of boring to me)

1938  Glen Campbell, singer,

was born (if you don’t know this one just google him)

1948  Andrew Lloyd Webber, composer,

was born (beautiful music)

1954  1st shopping mall opened in Southfield, Michigan  (whoo-hooo!)

1958  20th NCAA Men's Basketball Championship: Kentucky beats Seattle 84-72 (Kentucky is in the finals this year)

1963  Beatles release 1st album, Please Please Me (LOVE THESE GUYS)

1975  Walt Disney World Shopping Village opens (you should see it today…..wowzers)

1981  1st class postage raised to .18 cents from .15 cents (and today it is, what??)

1989  Kayla Delores Polk was born
You may be asking, who is that? Well, she is a sister, granddaughter, aunt, girlfriend, friend, student, animal lover, closet-comedian (at least to me) and most of all, my precious, beautiful, younger daughter.

Twenty-one years ago today, an 8-pound, bald-headed, pink bundle of joy entered this big ‘ole world. Kayla was a baby who loved her bed and sleeping (and still does). Kayla also LOVED her pacy. She was only allowed to have it at home and she kept them under her pillow. Yes, them. She always slept with one in her mouth and one in each hand. Even after the day she no longer had the bulb end of the pacy, she would sleep with the handle part! 

From a very early age Kayla was a bit shy/reserved and seemed to be attached to her mama at the hip (and still is, the shy/reserved part). She always wanted to how to do something BEFORE she learned how to do something. Strange bit of philosophy, but it has always worked for her.

She made me laugh then, and still does today. I laugh at her silliness, her goofiness and sometimes her logic (it makes sense to her but not always to me, therefore I laugh). She made me cry then, and still does today. I cry because I miss her, because I”m proud of her and because I wonder where the time has gone. Twenty-one years have zoomed by and there was so much in-between. I cry because I don’t remember all the things I want or wish I could remember. She made me smile then, and still does today. I smile at her smile. It is quite infectious. I smile at her beauty. Those sparkling green eyes (that sometimes change to blue), her hair that is so cute when it is pulled up in a messy ponytail, those precious toes that can pinch the fire out of you, those beautiful, thick, natural fingernails that anyone would loved to have and most of all, those freckles. A scattering of freckles that are always there, but that really come out after she has been in the sun. Beautiful freckles. Kayla freckles. Freckles that make me smile.

She stole my heart then and still does today. Every time I see her, hear her voice or even think about her, my heart is happy. Kayla is unique, a one-of-a-kind and a true blessing to my life. I feel so blessed and thankful that 21 years ago today (plus 9 months), God chose me to be her mother. He gave me a gift. A gift that I will treasure forever.

Kayla, I love you deeply and am so proud of the person/woman/adult that you are becoming. Thank you for being you and being true to the person that you are. Thank you for loving me, unconditionally.

You may have outgrown my lap, but you will never outgrow my heart! Happy Birthday my little hermit crab!


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Patricia W said...

I came to look at your I heart faces pictures.. I love your dedication to your daughter on her bday. Very sweet.