Monday, March 1, 2010

Hilarious outtakes at i heart faces

The theme this week is “Hilarious Outtakes” over at iheartfaces. I loves these types of photos and actually call them “Keep-Takes.”  Enjoy!

Meet John Brown (yes, the abolitionist) and Mr. Commodore (of Vanderbilt fame). Mady loves these guys, as do I, and I especially love taking pictures of them in all kinds of situations. Here they are at a Vandy game…..just loving every minute. This just makes we laugh out loud (as do the other JB and MC pictures).

Two of a kind! This picture was at the request of Mady! I just love them deeply!

She loves mannequins. She could be a mannequin! She especially loves holding their hands. You should see the rest of pictures!

Again, I just crack up at this picture! She got all of her babies out, played with them, then lined them up for a photo session. I laugh at Mady’s expression and how she is holding the blue baby’s hand! I think this is a classic!

Ok, I NEVER post pictures of myself….I just don’t. But the following picture, well it doesn’t need any explanation!


Christina said...

Very funny pics! All of them made me laugh. :)

Steph said...

Go Dores!!! I vote for any Vandy pic!

Sara E said...

I'm loving the doll pic ... sooo cute!