Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Kitchen Update

I know….haven’t posted any updates in a few days. I was away for 3 days last week (visiting my little hermit crab in Jacksonville). When I returned home, the sheetrock was up on the walls and ceiling. Friday the drywall man came in to mud, tape and do all the stuff that drywall guys do. I did take a few pictures over the weekend, especially of the really cool tool/equipment that they use to hoist the sheetrock up to the ceiling (it’s the yellow T-shaped thing). I just love tools!DSC_9045

A few things were taken care of yesterday (Monday). New thresholds (they still need to be stained/painted) at the doorways and more fine tuning of the sheetrock/mudding aspect. You can also see my dusty floor!!

This morning I took some pictures BEFORE the cabinet guy came. So, here are the BEFORE pictures (at different angles):DSC_9220


One during the middle of installation:

A picture of the one of the doors and the beautiful grain pattern (hickory wood):

And, drum roll please, at the end of the day:


Plus a few extra pictures:DSC_9246 

DSC_9241 DSC_9239

Okay, at this point everything looks good. There may be one minor issue with the cabinet that is above where the range will be. It is a bit low and I am hoping the carpenter will be able to just shorten it up without having to make a new one. But, I want it to be right and even though it is even with the other upper cabinets, it is just going to be too low.

Tomorrow the granite folks will be coming out to make a template of the granite and the cabinet guy will be finishing up the doors and such. Granite will be installed either Friday or Monday. Painting will occur next week and I have chosen 2 different tiles for the backsplash, but will wait until the granite, cabinets, paint and appliances are all installed before making the FINAL decision.

I am really please with everything thus far and am so excited to see the progress over the next few days!!

And before I go, here is just a little silliness and cuteness!

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