Saturday, March 13, 2010

Just Another Story or Two

Story #1
We made a lunch visit to McD’s yesterday due to the non existence of a kitchen and the rain. The unique toy with the happy meal was an I Carly Locker with stickers. Jackpot! Mady loves stickers! And let me tell you, there were many, many stickers all rolled up in the locker.

Mady referred to the locker as a frig. Makes sense. She doesn’t really know what a locker is. After a few bites of lunch she started pulling off the stickers and putting them on the “frig.” After about 20 or so, she looked up at me and said, “Lulu, look at my stickeration.” I wasn’t sure I heard correctly so I asked her to repeat and she again said “stickeration.”

Interesting concept Mady. I like it! Maybe I will submit itto Webster. It would look something like this:





an adhesive label used for decorating; adornment; embellishment: The frig was adorned with pictures and stickorations for the family.


the act of stickorating.


Story #2

In preparation for St. Patrick’s Day and a little project I am working on, I decided to take some pictures of Mady in her St. Patty’s Day outfit. You know, green shamrock shirt, shamrock socks, shamrock headband….etc. I know she doesn’t know what St. Patrick’s Day is, but I tried my best to explain it. So the conversation goes:

Me:  We are going to take some fun, fun pictures today. You have a special green shirt and socks and hair pretty.
Mady: What for?
Me:  There is a holiday coming up called St. Patrick’s Day.

Mady:  Why?
Me:  Just because. It’s just a fun day like Valentine’s Day or Easter. You know, just fun stuff and you get to dress in green all day! Lot’s of people will be in green.
Mady:  Meeeee too? (she sometimes stretches “me” word out)
Me:  Yes, you too. So let’s go take some fun St. Patrick’s Day pictures. We can celebrate early and have lots of fun!

At this point her little eyes got really big like the light bulb just went on.

Mady: For Patrick’s Birthday!
Me:  Birthday? What birthday?
Mady:  Patrick’s.
Me:  Patrick who?
Mady: Sponge Bob’s friend!

So now my lightbulb went on. St. Patrick’s Day is in honor of Sponge Bob’s friend. So we took pictures with Sponge Bob and Patrick (I can only show a few – Don’t want to spoil the project).

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